How to date a sexy Cuban boy?

Cuban boys are world-famous. Whites, mulattos and blacks of sculptural bodies good at dancing, music, sports and also for their skills in bed. Their status as "Latin lovers" is known worldwide. Where can one find a Cuban boy for a date or ideal couple? The answer to this question is found in Cuba Cupid’s application, which has hundreds of men in its database with opened profiles. Thanks to this application, you can find their photos, phone numbers as well as their main tastes. It’s equally possible, even before reaching Cuba, to establish a direct communication with the guy and possibly arrange for a date in any province of the country. However, in addition to Cuba Cupid, there exist a series of details on Cuban men which should be considered.

As few others in the world, one of the most attractive elements of the Cubans is that they combine both, the physical and intellectual part. They are not only a pretty face, sensual body movement in their dance or an omen in bed, but with them it’s as well possible to establish a decent conversation, on a great thematic diversity. In this, they move away from the “Latin Lover " stereotypes, closer to sexual abilities, but with dull colors in their way of being. Education in Cuba is free and it’s very normal for boys to culminate their college career. Therefore, with a Cuban boy you can share a romantic dinner, drink, chat and then make love several times all night.
As with women, many visitors come to Cuba with the idea of finding a mulatto or a black, of impressive phallic proportions. They are not far from the truth, but bear in mind that the ethnic composition of Cubans is very heterogeneous, so there are also abundant beautiful white boys able to dance all night and enchant on the bed.
With Cuba’s economic improvement, many nightclubs have been opened where there are plenty of good-looking boys, always willing to spend a crazy night, with total discretion. The list of private bars, where you can dance, drink cocktails and meet cute boys. There are extensive and among them stands the Fantaxy, probably the most famous record at the present moment in Havana, where celebrities of the moment usually come. Here, it’s very common to find actors, models, athletes. Another place to book for a hot date (torrid) appointment or find the ideal couple is the Sarao, one of the most exclusive and not that cheap, but where there are also plenty of models and film actors and television. Another bohemian and very spectacular place for an appointment with a Cuban boy is the art factory (Fábrica de Arte), one of the favorite places in the artistic world, so, it’s easy to meet the most important musicians of nowadays, painters, filmmakers, writers.   
One last tip to succeed on a date with a Cuban boy: They don't like to be considered pimps, prostitutes, and fuckers. Of course they welcome and accept valuable gifts; But many also seeks for serious relationships, with which they can then leave the country and spend their lives abroad. In Cuba Cupid, there are profiles for all tastes, just look for the profile with a photo that best fits your desire and embark on this adventure to date a beautiful Cuban boy.