How to date in Cuba?

Do you want to have a hot date or find a partner in Cuba? The best way to do this is not via messages or friend requests on the specialized social networks such as Facebook, Tinder or Badoo, but through or its free application available on Google Play. is intended for Cubans, because it is the site on which the application is easy. In Cuba, Internet is very expensive (1 dollar an hour) and often people stay long without connecting to the internet. The contact established by a foreigner before traveling to Cuba might not be answered during the trip. CubaCupid is the only site that requires you to set your phone to register the profile and this is visible to all the people who pays a subscription.

CubaCupid is easy to use: Cubans can create accounts free of charge, and upload photos from their mobile, both selfies and others taken with higher resolution (HD) cameras. In addition, the Cuban indicates in his/her profile what he/she is looking for (an appointment, couple), his preference (hetero, bisexual, gay, lesbian) and leaves his phone number, which will be the main form of contact. The foreigner who wants to have a hot date with a girl or guy or find a partner in Cuba then access CubaCupid and by paying a registration fee, has the possibility to perform all kinds of searches for skin color, sex, age, where the Cuban lives, photos and a wide variety of data facilitating the most accurate localization possible of the correspondence of your orange-half (soul mate) or link (booty call). 

The best tool for dating and find a partner in Cuba

Once the person has found in CubaCupid the profile or profiles that are closer to those they are looking for, they can contact them through the application itself or call them or send them SMS messages, since all profiles must include their cellular numbers. By charging a registration fee, CubaCupid guarantees that those who access the profiles are people really interested in having an appointment or finding a partner in Cuba and not jokers or unwanted and annoying people.

The idea of promoting contact through SMS and telephone calls is very effective in Cuba, for several reasons: the total number of mobile lines active in Cuba exceeds five million, that is, phone usage in Cuba as at the 1:2. In addition, via phone calls it greatly decreases the possibility of any fraud.

CubaCupid is the best tool for Cubans to have appointments and find a partner, with total privacy. Firstly, the Cuban will not have to go to a WiFi point to establish contact with a foreigner but will get messages or calls directly to their mobile phone and their profile will only be visible to those who have paid a fee. For foreigners, the CubaCupid application makes it much easier to make an appointment with a Cuban girl or boy or find the ideal couple. You will not have to access other social networks and you will be able to select from hundreds of contacts, all with photos, those that attracts most.