Where and how to book an appointment with a Cuban gay?

For a long time, homosexuals were persecuted and imprisoned in Cuba. Fortunately, this period is no more to an extent that the new constitution has included an article that recognizes equal marriage. The homosexual community has grown enormously and nowadays there are few tourists who travel to this Caribbean island in order to have a hot date with a beautiful Cuban gay or find the ideal couple. In the Cuba Cupid’s database, considered as the best application for booking appointments in Cuba, there are dozens of registered gays with their photos and personal telephone numbers; But what distinguishes Cuban gays and should be taken into account when booking an appointment with one? 

A distinctive element of Cuban gays is their general culture. Most are college students or graduates of higher education. Therefore, they combine physical beauty with intellectual ability and this makes them special. It is not just a night in Havana with a lot of sex, but with a Cuban gay, you can go to the cinema, theatre, have a great dinner as well as a nice conversation.
Another detail: Cuba is a very heterogeneous country in terms of skin color, so we can find white Caucasian gays, who are just like Europeans and others who are the result of a genetic mix between the Spaniards and Africans. The mulattos and blacks attracts more attention, especially because they are known for their well-deserved fame and phallic proportions; But it can also be extended to whites. 
Just like all over the world, gays in Havana often meet in specific places. The most famous site of the country is the central corner of the 23rd Avenue, the most highly populated in the capital, and the Malecon. At night in Bim Bom Lounge, it’s possible to quickly find a beautiful boy or a sensual transvestite. Others prefer to go to clubs, like Las Vegas, also in Vedado, where all kinds of shows are held and a third option is to enter a private bar, like Mio and Tuyo Bar-Restaurant, SW Havana or King Bar, where group of gays meets quiet often.
A detail that distinguishes Cuban gays is their ability to take care of themselves. Sexually transmitted diseases are not a serious problem, as an indispensable requirement for relationships is to use protective measures, such as condoms, which in Cuba are sold throughout the pharmacy network, at very low prices, just 10 cents (USD) for a box. Cuban’s gay community is so diverse making it possible to indulge any taste. They are extremely manly, many of whom are models, actors of theatre, cinema and television; There are also others who are more effeminate and there are transsexuals and transvestites.
A quick search through Cuba Cupid's extensive database permits you to find many gays looking for a sensual date to those looking for an ideal partner which will permit them to leave the country and improve their lives. Each profile has the person’s telephone number, which facilitates the previous contact and will allow you to decide if it’s worth having that romantic encounter.